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Cattery Availability

Brighton Boarding Cattery not only enjoys an extremely convenient location, easily reached from both East Sussex and West Sussex, but is also very popular. The cattery is run by a small group of people and during busy periods it is difficult to give proper care to our guests if we also try to deal with visitors, telephone calls and email enquiries. For that reason, during busy periods you will notice that our contact details vanish from this website. If you are interested in booking your cat into our cattery and would like to check availability, please use the form below.

Your request for availability at Brighton Cattery will be processed automatically and an automatically generated reply will be emailed to you within 5-20 minutes. If Brighton Boarding Cattery has availability for the dates you requested your confirmation email will explain the booking procedure and include the relevant contact details.

Brighton Cattery Availability Check

Please choose the approximate arrival and departure dates for which you would like confirmation of availability. This information, along with pricing, will be emailed to you within the next 5-20 minutes. If the dates / duration you requested is not available and alternative dates/durations are possible, details of these will be emailed to you instead.

Please indicate how many cats you wish to board with us, plus the number of accommodation pens required - for example if you have 3 cats which normally board together, you only want one pen. If they board individually, you want three pens.