Who wants to stay at our cattery?

Brighton Boarding Cattery

If you're looking for a boarding cattery which is easily accessible from most towns on the Sussex coast, the Brighton Boarding Cattery should be your first port of call. Situated just outside Brighton a few minutes from the A27, Brighton Cattery is a superb choice for cat owners in Worthing, Shoreham, Hove, Brighton, Lewes, or even Crawley.

Boarding Cattery

Brighton Boarding Cattery consists of two purpose-built wooden framed garden cattery blocks situated in the grounds surrounding our house, ringed by trees and bushes. The cattery accommodation offers a view of the surrounding gardens, which attract a huge variety of wildlife throughout the year, giving the cats plenty to keep an eye on.

Brighton Cattery offers single, twin and family units for up to four cats, each with thermostatically controlled heating in the insulated sleeping areas, and each connected to its own individual outdoor run area. The sleeping areas are equipped with vetbeds, but you are free to bring your own if you prefer. The pens have a cushioned chair and shelves to doze on plus an assortment of toys.

Please feel free to bring your own (unwashed) bedding, toys or anything else that you feel will keep your cat amused.

Cats boarding at Brighton Cattery are normally fed exactly the same as they are fed at home. Our standard cattery prices include meals based on any of the huge range of products we keep in stock. From experience we know that the products we stock are perfect for more than 95% of our guests. However, cats wouldn't be cats if they weren't picky eaters and we're perfectly happy to cater for individual diets, as required, with prices to be agreed accordingly. Just remember that Sushi tends to be a bit pricey...